Anacortes Christian Church

The Offense of Jesus

Did you miss our service Sunday? Jump back in with us here, for the continuation of our journey through Mark. Mike preaches on Mark chapter 6:1-6.

Power over Death

Join us this week as Mike kicks off the new year by jumping back into the Gospel of Mark, in chapter 5. Watch or listen below.

Waiting on the Lord

Does anyone ever really enjoy waiting for things? Waiting in traffic? Tyler, our Worship & Media minister, gave us a message on Christmas Day that reminds us that there are things that are worth waiting for. Watch or listen below.

Power Over Evil

Mike leads us this week through Mark chapter 5, when Jesus heals a demon possessed man. Somehow, he also ties in Charlie Brown…if you want to figure out how, you’ll have to watch or listen below! 🙂

Power over the Storm

Did you miss Yesterday’s sermon? Mike took us through an incredible story from Mark chapter 4 that displays the power of Jesus in the midst of a storm. Watch or listen below.

The Secret of the Kingdom

Did you miss church this week? Catch up on our series through the gospel of Mark as Mike takes us through Chapter 4. Watch or listen below.

A New Sherrif’s in Town

Journey with Brian through Mark chapter 3 – a story of the fight that Jesus brings to the religious leaders of that time. Watch or listen below.

The Authority of Jesus

Jump into Mark Chapter 1 & 2 as Mike brings us a message about Jesus’s authority and how it affects our lives. Watch or listen below.

The King comes to Town

Join us as we jump back into the book of Mark this week – and Mike takes us through what it really means to follow Jesus. Watch or listen below.