If You Only Knew…

Catch up with us as Mike takes us into our passage in Colossians this week – are you ready to dig deep in the word? Watch or listen below.

Upward Mobility

Join us as we start a new series in Colossians, tilted Rooted in Him! Mike kicks us off this week looking at chapter 1. Watch or Listen below.

Who Are You?

Tune in this week as Tyler Burch – our Worship & Media Minister, guides us through a message challenging who we are as individuals, and who we are together. Watch or listen below!

The Anatomy of Idolatry

At this week’s service, Mike takes a look at our final story in the Elijah Series. Watch or listen below.

Trading Glory for Glory

Join us this week as Mike continues our study through the Life of Elijah – Watch or listen below.

Faithfulness in Hard Times

Did you miss this weeks message? Mike continues our story of Eljiah and digs into a section where Elijah had lost all hope. Do you feel that way sometimes? Watch or listen below.

Stop Limping and Draw Near!

Join us this week as Mark draws us into the story of Elijah and the showdown at Mt. Carmel. Watch or Listen below!

The Faith of a Widow

Mike kicks off a new, short series for us this week covering the Story of Elijah. Watch or listen below!

Submission to Authorities

Join us this week as Mike takes on Part 2 of a short series, this week about submitting to authorities. Watch or Listen below.

Our Strong Tower

How should Christians respond to the coronavirus? Should we prioritize safety over all other things? What does loving others look like? Mike leads us through these tough questions in a sermon that is sure to make you think. Watch or Listen below.