Endure in Yielding

As we continue through the book of Joshua, Mark takes us through a story of Endurance in Joshua 10. Watch or Listen below.

Clever Deception

Take a walk with us through Joshua Chapter 9, as Mike breaks down a complicated chapter about deception and using scripture to deceive the people of Israel…into doing something good? Watch or listen below to find out what happens.

The Gospel of Freedom

This week, Brian Burch, one of our Elders – preached a special message on the 4th of July. What is true freedom? Watch or listen below to find out.

The Fall Retold

Join us this week as Brian takes us through Joshua Chapter 7, and guides us through a story we all know so well…Or do we? Watch or listen below.

Joshua: Trumpets of Jubilee

On Fathers Day, Mike took us through Joshua Chapter 6, in a message that will make you rethink the classic story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho! Watch or Listen below.

Tough Questions: Conquest

Mike takes a break from our normal schedule to handle a tough question that is raised multiple times in the Bible, but specifically in Joshua: How is the conquest of all these cities and people justified? This doesn’t seem like the actions of a Loving God…how do we reconcile with this? Watch or Listen below.

Joshua: Finding Gilgal

Dive deep with us this week, as Mark tackles an often misunderstood topic from Joshua chapter 5.

Joshua: Remember

Join us as Mike and Brian have a discussion about Joshua Chapter 4, interruptions, rocks, and remembering.