Submission to Authorities

Join us this week as Mike takes on Part 2 of a short series, this week about submitting to authorities. Watch or Listen below.

Our Strong Tower

How should Christians respond to the coronavirus? Should we prioritize safety over all other things? What does loving others look like? Mike leads us through these tough questions in a sermon that is sure to make you think. Watch or Listen below.

The Power of Prayer

Brian Nelson takes us back to James for a final message on how powerful prayer can be if it is done according to scripture. Watch or listen below.

Advent Week 4 – Love

Join us as Mike wraps up our Advent series before Christmas Eve. Watch or Listen below.

Advent Week 2 – Peace

Join us as one of our elders, Brian Burch takes us through week two of our Advent series – Peace. Watch or listen below.


Join us this week as Mark wraps up our James Study, while also starting our short Advent series. Watch or listen below.

The Dangers of Wealth

Don’t let the title of this message fool you – don’t make the mistake of checking out early…this message applies to all of us. Watch or listen below.

What is your life?

Mike takes us through James chapter 4:13-17 in a sermon about our plans, and God’s will. Watch or listen below!

Desires at War

If you let go of everything….who are you? Will letting go of all our own desires hurt? Absolutely. But the payoff is worth it. Watch or listen below.