Joshua: Crossing Over

Tune in this week as Mike leads us through Joshua Chapter 3 – The crossing of the Jordan River. Do you know where you’re going? Watch or listen below.

Legacy at a Crossroads

This weeks message dives into chapter 2 of Joshua, in a story about an incredible woman named Rahab. Watch or listen below.

Joshua: Preparing for Battle

Mike continues our new study in Joshua this week, as we start the story of Joshua and the Israelite people. Watch or listen below.

Joshua: LET’S GO!

Mark kicks off a new Series in the book of Joshua for us this week, titled LET’S GO! Watch or listen below!

The Gospel: Gospel Witness

Mike wraps up our Gospel series with final message about bearing Gospel Witness. Watch or listen below!

The Purpose of the Gospel

Mike lead us through part 6 of our Gospel series this week. As we have been studying the Gospel and it’s implications, what does that mean for us? How does that impact our daily lives? Watch or listen below.

Resurrection: A New Way of Seeing

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! We celebrated Easter Sunday this week, and what a celebration it was! Today, Mike takes us through a new way of seeing the resurrection. Are you ready for it? Watch or listen below.

A Royal Rumble

It’s Palm Sunday! Hosanna! Brian Nelson leads us into Holy Week with a message titled “A Royal Rumble”. Watch or listen below.