Jesus and the Law

This week at ACC, Mike continued our study through the sermon on the mount. Watch or listen below!

The Remedy for Cultural Decay

Join us this week, as Mike deep dives into a very well known scripture – Matthew 5:13-14. Do you know the meaning of being Salt & Light to this world? Watch or listen below.

The Kingdom of Blessing

Join us this week, as mike kicks off a new sermon series based off the Sermon on the Mount, in Matthew chapter 5! Watch or listen below.

Devoted To: Communion

This week, Mark continues our Re:Vision series with a special communion – focused service. Make sure to watch or listen below.

Devoted To: Prayer

As we continue with our short Re:Vision series, Mike takes us through a message on being a congregation devoted to prayer. What does that look like? Watch or Listen below.

Devoted To: Fellowship

2020 has been a year of hardship for many, and an eye opening time for everyone. Back in February, we hosted our “Vision Sunday”. We could have never predicted that we would be here, now, with all of our own plans out the window. Watch or listen below as we navigate our Re:Vision for ACC.

Our Eternal Hope

This week, Mike took us through Daniel Chapter 12 – which is also the end of our ‘Planted’ series, and the end of the book of Daniel! Watch or listen below.

The Stability of Our Times

This week, Mark takes us through Chapter 11 of Daniel, as we prepare to be finished with our Daniel series. Who do you trust? Watch or listen below.

A Call To Be Different

This Week, as we continue our Daniel series, Brian takes us through Daniel 10. Watch or Listen Below.

The Hope of Jubilee

Are you labeling people? Turning them into something instead of someone? Watch or listen below to hear about properly loving others – and living in the jubilee.