The Gospel: Jesus is King

Join us this week as Mike continues to dive into our understanding about the Gospel. What does it mean that Jesus is King? Below is the Bible Project video mentioned in the podcast and video.

The Gospel: Setting the stage

Mike kicks off a new series for us this week, one that discusses the Gospel and the many ways it’s been presented. Is it just semantics? Or will it change everything? Watch or listen below. Bible Project Video: Heaven & Earth

Build your life upon the Rock

Join us this week as we wrap up our Sermon on the Mount series! Mike takes us through Matthew Chapter 7:24-29. What is your life built upon? Watch or listen below.

Prophets…True or False?

Mark Bryant dives into Matthew 7:15-20…the truth about false prophets. The ending might surprise you… Watch or listen below.

True Life

This week one of our elders, Brian Burch, took over the pulpit to preach Matthew 7:13-14 – The Narrow & Wide Gate. Watch or Listen below!

Ask, Seek, Knock

Who are you asking? Who are you seeking? Which door are you knocking on? Mike takes us through Matthew 7:7-9 to dig deeper into this well known verse. Watch or listen below:

Judging Others

As we start wrapping up our Sermon on the Mount series, Mike takes us through the first part of Matthew Chapter 7…Don’t Judge Me! Is that really what the Bible Says, though? Is that the real meaning? Watch or listen below to find out.

Perspective: “Our Father, In Heaven.”

Lord’s Prayer Devotional, Part 1 The Lord’s Prayer is Jesus’ response (In Luke’s Gospel anyway) to the request: “Lord, teach us to pray.” As a Christian and a minister who has been praying for as long as I can remember, I still find myself asking the same thing. There are many guides, and many books, […]

Praise: “Hallowed Be Your Name.”

Lord’s Prayer Devotional, Part 2 Meditate: What does it mean to “Hallow” something? VERB: hallowed (past tense) · hallowed (past participle)1. Honor as holy. “the Ganges is hallowed as a sacred, cleansing river”2. Greatly revered or respected. Merriam Webster Dictionary Question: What kinds of places/people/things do we tend to hallow in our current culture? This prayer longs for […]

Longing: “Your Kingdom Come.”

Lord’s Prayer Devotional, Part 3 Think: Contrary to modern assumptions, Jesus never refers to His Kingdom as a place we go after we die. So what are we praying for when we pray “Your Kingdom Come?” As opposed to “To your Kingdom may I go someday!” Recall: Read Exodus 19:4-6 again. What kind of Kingdom does […]