Lenses of Mercy

Catch up on this weeks message as we continue our study through the book of James. How do you see others? How do you see yourself? Do you see like Jesus does?

Mirror of Truth

Jump into the last section of James Chapter 1 this week, as Mike guides us through it. Watch or Listen below.

Do Not Be Decieved

Join us for a special “Table” Sunday where we are all together, learning and discussing a topic that is heavy – Deception. And mostly, deception of ourselves. Watch or listen below.


Brian takes us through our second Sunday in the book of James – in a message focused on Endurance through our entire lives. Watch or listen below.

Nothing Better

If only I had…more money – If only I had a better boss – If only my wife or my husband would do THIS or step up….if only….our default is to seek wholeness by adding to what we already have – in order to FILL our lack. Does that sound like you? That’s part of […]

Standing Together in Unity

Mark challenges us to stand together amidst all of the challenges and disagreements we may have, especially during this difficult season of life. Watch or listen below.

Holding Fast in Stormy Seas

We have received a kingdom that cannot be shaken – It cannot be shaken! And when we realize that, and turn that into praise and thanksgiving to God – the kingdom it cannot be shaken! Because Our God is a consuming fire. That’s an excerpt from this weeks message. Take a listen or watch the […]

Trust amidst uncertainty

When the world becomes more than we can bear – and doesn’t make sense…and may not even seem to have an end – what is the reason? Here’s one thing we do know – it’s not because God’s love has failed. Watch or listen below.


Join us in our final week of the book of Joshua, as Mike wraps up everything we’ve learned, and Joshua’s final speech to the people of Israel. Watch or listen below.

That Which Divides Us

Dig into the word this week as Mike takes us through Joshua 21 & 22 in a story about making presumptions, proper communication, and how rooting our identity in the wrong things can result in major consequences. Watch or Listen below.