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Lord’s Prayer Devotional, Part 1

The Lord’s Prayer is Jesus’ response (In Luke’s Gospel anyway) to the request: “Lord, teach us to pray.” As a Christian and a minister who has been praying for as long as I can remember, I still find myself asking the same thing. There are many guides, and many books, but the Lord’s prayer is Jesus’ response. It’s not a magic formula, nor a legalistic model, but every line comes loaded with depths of insight and truth to meditate on as we pursue God in prayer. “Prayer changes us.” That’s what I keep hearing, and it’s true. Sometimes prayer changes our circumstances, and indeed that’s usually my initial reason for entering into prayer. But if I’m willing to take the time, soak it in, and allow God to speak through it, then more than anything else I find myself changed, and I sense God pulling me closer to Himself.

Over the next several days I will be posting a series of devotions based on each section of the Lord’s Prayer. These insights were mostly gleaned from our series “Teach Us To Pray,” a series on the prayer. We hope this benefits you and your prayer life.


Ecclesiastes 5:2 (NIV): 2 Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before God. God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few.

Ponder: God is in Heaven, I am not. He sees the whole picture, my view is limited.

Question: If I could see from God’s perspective, how would it change my prayer?

Acknowledge: “Lord, I come to you as a child. I see part, You see all. I acknowledge my powerlessness over my situation and surrender it over to you.”

Consider: “Our FATHER.” Who am I surrendering to?

  • The one who has claimed and adopted me into sonship as an heir with Christ – The inheritance our Father plans to give me is more glorious than anything I am longing for today.
  • The one who has removed the veil and purchased access for me to come into His presence with confidence. He desires me to draw near.

OUR Father”

Remember: My prayers are not simply about me. I’m part of something bigger. What I do and what I long for effects more than just myself.

Be assured: I am not alone. It’s not “My Father,” but “Our Father.” I am included. I have a standing and a place among the people of God. I have a family, the community of the redeemed. I am neither inferior nor superior in God’s family. I am welcomed.

Takeaway: The goal of prayer, while not excluding our requests, nor being indifferent to our circumstances, is ultimately and finally to know God more. To get ourselves out of the way, and find HIM.

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  1. Appreciate this devotion! Beautifully explained and easily understood. Now to get myself quiet and open before our God!

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