Perspective: “Our Father, In Heaven.”

Lord’s Prayer Devotional, Part 1 The Lord’s Prayer is Jesus’ response (In Luke’s Gospel anyway) to the request: “Lord, teach us to pray.” As a Christian and a minister who has been praying for as long as I can remember, I still find myself asking the same thing. There are many guides, and many books, […]

What Would Your Last Prayer Be?

Are you following Jesus today? I mean really following? A thought occurred to me that might help answer that question. John 17 is Jesus’ last major time of prayer before his death.  “Father, the hour has come… I am coming to you now..” are words that almost sound like a debriefing before the final stretch.  […]

Redeeming the Imagination

I believe prayer is often misunderstood.  We know what prayer is – talking to God.  “Prayer doesn’t have to be complicated.”  That’s what we tell new believers, especially.  “Just talk to God as if He were right next to you, because He hears you.”  And of course, this is true.  But we don’t always seem […]