Dear ACC Family,
After much careful and prayerful consideration of the state and local recommendations for group gatherings during this COVID-19 crisis, the staff and elders of ACC have agreed to cancel or postpone in-person church events (i.e. Faith Promise, Sunday gatherings, Youth events) for the next 4 weeks.

We want you to know that this is not a knee-jerk, fear driven reaction, nor is it based on hysteria. Health officials from our local community all the way up to the global level are urging gatherings of various sizes to help “break the chain” of transmission. Large gatherings are the most significant links in that chain. Our goal is to be responsible and protect those most vulnerable to infection, while also slowing the rate of infection in order to prevent the possible overwhelming of our local health-care resources, as we have been seeing in other parts of the world.

What does that mean for our church? First, remember that we are the church, which is not confined to the building. Therefore, continue to be the church in your families and community. Let’s lean into the opportunities this situation creates. God is giving us the opportunity to focus on those closest to us, to live out church family in a small home service with our people around us. We can be the Church for our community by grocery shopping or mowing lawns for those who are trying to stay indoors. We can write “thank-you’s” and offer to serve those in the medical profession who are placing themselves at risk for the sake of others. This is an opportunity for innovation, a time to strengthen our community.

That being said, worship services & sermons will be live streamed from our Facebook page & Website: We invite you to join us online, pray together, take communion together, and interact remotely. Podcasts will also be posted at the usual Tuesday times.

Other small group leaders can contact either Ed Gegen (Elder chairman) or Ron Pinson (Elder vice-chair) if they have questions on whether they should meet here at the church building during this time.

All Youth Group related activities have also been cancelled for the present time.

We know this may be difficult for some of you. If you have any questions, ideas, or concerns please call the church office at (360) 293-3729, or email any one of us at the addresses listed below:

Main Office:
Mike Rauwolf (Lead Minister):
Tyler Burch (Worship/Outreach Minister):
Mark Bryant (Family Minister):
Brian Nelson (Youth Minister):

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