Anacortes Christian Church

The Beast on The Throne

This week, as we continue our study through Daniel, Mike led us through Chapter 4 – where Nebuchadnezzar has another dream, but ends up living like a best in a field! What’s going on here? Watch or listen below. (Sermon starts at 28:40)

The Image in the Fire

This week, Mike tackled round two of chapter 3 in Daniel. Watch the full replay, or listen below!

The Burning Fiery Furnace

Join Mark by the campfire as he continues our study through Daniel chapter 3 – the golden statue and the burning fiery furnace. Watch or Listen Below.

Clash of Cultures

Make sure to catch up this week, as Mike leads us through our second sermon of chapter one of Daniel! Watch or listen below.

The Showdown

This week, Mark started us off on a new series in Daniel. Do you dare to hop into the ring with God?Watch the replay or listen below!

The Practice Of Abundance

Mike continued our short ‘Abundance’ series this week – make sure to take a listen, or watch the full service replay below!

True Sabbath Rest

This week, Mark took us through our final sermon on our ‘Rest’ series. Watch or Listen below!

Choosing Sabbath Freedom

This week, we continued our series on rest. Although we can’t meet in person together, being able to sing and learn together online has been a blessing! Watch our whole service replay, or listen to the sermon below.

Celebrating Shabbat (Friday Night Kiddush)

Introduction:  The Friday night Kiddush (Which means “sanctification”) is the traditional way to kick off the Sabbath. It is meant to occur just before sundown and is followed by dinner. It is a simple ceremony, with only a few key elements, but what is neat about it is there is a lot of room for […]