Anacortes Christian Church

What is the connection between faith and work (I don’t mean “works,” but vocational work)? How does the Gospel influence the workplace through people of faith? These questions are perplexing, and unfortunately, many Christians don’t seem to find satisfactory answers about how or why their faith matters in the workplace.  This week and next, ACC is going to tackle this issue head on.  I’m excited about the prospect of those who hear this message finding real value, meaning, and purpose for their work. I want to give you something you can really take away that delves deeper than a simple list of things Christians should or shouldn’t do at work.  The title of Sunday’s message is called “Re(CLAIM): Work.”  We believe human beings are meant to live out of such a deep influence of the Gospel that they become agents of change at their work. Whether you are a student, an employer / employee, or retiree, there is something here for you.  Hope to see you Sunday.

~ Mike Rauwolf

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