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GreatestBookAfter 20 months in Romans, what have we learned? More importantly, how has it changed us? Personally, having to preach through this book has been a blessing that I wish everyone could experience. I view the Gospel with greater respect and power. I view myself differently in many ways. I view my spouse differently. I view trials and tribulations differently, and I wrestle daily to keep God’s perspective in the forefront as I take life one day at a time. The Spirit uses God’s Word to awaken internal battles within us resulting in growth and change.

We have heard from many of you as you’ve walked this journey with us. Now we’re asking you to help us out by just taking a few minutes of your time and sharing some of your own stories with us. As preachers, we labor over God’s Word for hours, and I cannot tell you how meaningful it is to hear when it bears fruit – but when we don’t hear, we don’t know.

As we draw this series to a close, we want to hear from you!

Would you help us out by sharing one way that Romans has changed you? It may be a sermon that stuck with you and has replayed in your mind as you encounter certain situations. It may be a way God used His Word to speak to you and you have taken a course of action in response. It doesn’t need to be long – perhaps even just a key thought or a story of how God applied His Word in your life along the way. You may think it insignificant. We don’t. Your responses will help us as we plan how to close out and celebrate this series. Please share:

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