Anacortes Christian Church

We all have desires and needs, and when two people join their lives together in a marriage – along with their unique desires and needs – there is a recipe for conflict. But the thing that continually surprises me, something I have to keep reminding myself of, is that conflict is not my (our) enemy. Conflict is not such a bad thing. What can make or break a marriage is not the absence or presence of conflict, but rather, how we handle conflict. And one of the keys to handling conflict well is the ability to look behind the issue to its source.

This Thursday, May 1st, we will be discussing one common, and often misunderstood source of conflict in marriage. That is, the wife’s need for security, and what that actually means to the husband. Of course, the true value of every M22 event is the one on one time each couple gets to spend communicating and learning about each other. So even if you feel that this topic is not relevant to you, know that: 1), you might be surprised, and 2), you will still have a very valuable opportunity to take a step together in the furthering of your relationship with one another. Your marriage is worth it.

See you Thursday, May 1st, at 7pm in the ACC Fireside Room.


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