Anacortes Christian Church

September 15th will officially launch ACC into the Fall season with a series that takes a hard look at the question: “What is the Church?” Is it a building? A person? A block of time spent at a place for an hour every week? Is it primarily a source of spiritual “food” that is to be consumed, or is it more?  What does the Bible have to say about the Church? Why does it exist? What does it really look like throughout the week?

Check out the following two videos and then read on…

Because this series is called “This is Church,” and we believe church is much more than a building, etc., we don’t want to simply talk about Church while at church, we want to do Church together. Therefore, each Sunday will be accompanied by a group component to be experienced in small groups throughout the week.  This will serve as a launching platform for existing groups, as well as an opportunity for new groups to form.  We are anticipating a very meaningful time where you will be able to interact with God’s Word in a fresh way and hopefully have some life-changing conversations.  Leaders will be opening up their homes to you and making themselves available for you to connect with on Sunday mornings.  For this series, we are only asking you to consider a four week commitment.  Beyond that, you may decide to continue or not. We only ask that you try it for four weeks as we interact with this concept together.

Finally, join us in praying that God will continue to mobilize us and move us so that lives can be changed, the lost rescued, those in bondage, liberated – all to the glory of God.

The conversation starts September 15th. Join us!

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