Anacortes Christian Church

accpodcast1Did you know you can subscribe to the Anacortes Christian Church sermon podcast on your computer, smart phone, iPad / tablet, etc.?


  • A library of sermons available at the click of a button – you don’t have to navigate to ACC’s web page to listen online
  • Download messages to your device or stream the audio over data / wifi without downloading.
  • Take sermons with you! Listen while jogging, driving, etc.
  • Stay updated always and automatically. Out of town on Sunday? At home with the crud? Well, nothing can substitute for having your smiling face among us, but at least you can stay caught up.

Here’s How:

Podcasting services vary depending on the device and platform, but for the most part there are two essential ways to find and subscribe to ACC’s Sermon Podcast (Update: For a more in-depth, visual tutorial, Click HERE).

1.  Download a podcasting service.

  • Most devices come with apps for podcasting. iTunes includes a podcasting service, and for IOS devices (iphone, ipod touch, ipad, etc.) there is a free “Podcasting” app that can be downloaded from the app store if it is not automatically included on your device. There are various podcasting apps you can find via the Android app store as well.

2.  Direct Search

  • If you are using iTunes, or the free “Podcasts” app for IOS (iphone, ipod touch, ipad, etc.), you can usually find a search field and simply type in “Anacortes Christian Church.”  When you see our logo pop up in the results, click on it, then click “Subscribe.” You can also listen to individual messages directly from the listing page itself.
  • Once subscribed, you can now navigate to your “podcasts” channel at any time and select messages to listen to.

3.  Enter the RSS Feed

  • Some podcasting applications request a web address (URL) to direct them straight to ACC’s podcasting channel. If that is the case with your service, here is the URL to enter:
  • That should do it! Remember if you have questions you can always use our Contact Form and we can provide step by step instructions. God bless!

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