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Aaron Bryant (YD Adventure guide /trainer, ACC Member, Hands On Films filmmaker, and husband / father of 4+) once again finds himself by and large locked away in his top secret film studio for a season of intense video editing. This latest project, Valleys, is the second large-scale effort of its kind for Hands On Films – the first being Wrong Way to Hope, a full length documentary about young adult cancer survivors – which was released in 2010. Aaron is once again teaming up with Michael Lang, cancer survivor and founder of Survive & Thrive Expeditions, to take you on a simultaneous journey through the Grand Canyon’s Colorado River while also exploring the journey of Amy, a young adult wife and mother, as she shares her own battle with cancer.

Unlike Wrong Way to Hope, which for the most part focused on a group of young adult survivors, Valleys moves into a new trajectory, focusing on how cancer has affected the life of Amy, her husband John, her best friend Annie, and other family members.  The two documentaries complement one another greatly.

Valleys is incredibly relatable to anyone, as it probes into hard questions we can all connect with: “How am I supposed to feel or act around a loved one facing cancer?” “How does their journey affect my own, and when / how is it appropriate to communicate my own feelings?”

This story is very moving and powerful. We get to see a true, self-sacrificing love at its best. But it is also helpful and useful, not to mention fully entertaining to watch.  Wade through the highs and lows with us.

Valleys is being released as a series of “Webisodes.” That is to say, a new episode will be posted weekly through May 15th on the Huffington Post. We will also embed the videos here, so check back on this article weekly to view the latest episode. Also make sure and check out the links below to view other organizations partnering with Aaron and Mike in this endeavor.

Finally, you can pray for Aaron, Mike, and all others involved, that Valleys would achieve its intended purpose – that is, to minister to and support patients and all affected by cancer, particularly and uniquely in the lives of young adults.

“Valleys” Trailer – Sneak Peak

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“Valleys” Episode 1: “A Two-Edged Sword”

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“Valleys” Episode 2: “A Cruel Joke”

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“Valleys” Episode 3: “This Guilty Feeling”

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“Valleys” Episode 4: “Letting Go”

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“Valleys” Episode 5: “The Release”

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“Valleys” Episode 6: “The Choice”

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