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The Bible.  Where does it come from? Why is it significant?  Who is it for?  Is it still relevant today? Does it have anything meaningful to say to me?

This was the topic from last Sunday’s Sermon (click to listen) that Mark Bryant gave.

The above video was recorded for the message itself. Dr. Bob Mounce has given a large majority of his life to the work of Bible translation. His work is present and influential in the ESV, the NIV, and others. He has also authored numerous commentaries.

Mark could have taken any number of approaches on this topic. He chose to talk about authority.  The Christian claim is that God has spoken through the Bible over the course of time.  The Bible is authoritative because it points to God, and in particular, points to Jesus as the one through whom God has decisively revealed Himself to humanity, and by His Word and His Spirit, still choses to speak and to lead us today.

Human beings don’t like the idea of there being an ultimate authority outside of ourselves.  We like to think that we are in control, or that we are our own boss.  The dangerous and tragic downside of this is that only by submitting to the authority of God can we truly experience freedom. Freedom comes not from independence, but from total dependence upon God, because he takes our burdens and shoulders them Himself. God offers Himself as the one through whom the world is healed and set right.  But we resist that healing and freedom because we’re afraid of authority.

Our hope is that you would truly discover the joy that comes from surrendering to Christ, who said “All authority on heaven and on earth has been given to me.” – Matthew 28:18

Think of it: If in fact there is a Creator God, and if in fact there is some chance that He has revealed Himself to human beings and spoken, shouldn’t we listen? What if he wants to talk to you? What if He has something He wants you to hear?  Is it not worth checking out?  Are you thirsty?

What’s the Big Deal About the Bible? from Pilothouse Films on Vimeo.

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