Anacortes Christian Church

“I don’t know how to talk to people about Jesus.”  Ever felt that way?  I sat over lunch with a member of our congregation who told me that in his long years as a Christian, he felt inadequate in his ability to actually talk about his faith.  “How many opportunities have I blown?” He pondered through tears.  Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to either statement / question, because as much as we can try to excuse ourselves, many of us have a long list of blown opportunities.

If that frustration resonates with anyone, we have something you should seriously consider.  What if all the awkward scenarios you’ve experienced or had nightmares about could be overcome by a kind of conversation that is natural, relational, and yet cuts right to the core of where people are at?

Diane Brask is an international missionary who now trains up Christians to be able to communicate Biblical stories orally.  This is an incredible tool not only for sharing the Gospel, but also for discipleship… And we shouldn’t be surprised – it’s how Jesus did it!  What’s surprising is that it is just now catching on in our country and spreading like wildfire.

If you attended ACC Accelerate, you caught a glimpse of this.  Want to learn more?  Then come to the seminar, this Saturday, from 9am-5pm.  We’ll provide food and snacks.  I’ve personally been to two of Diane’s seminars, and I can firmly say they are mind-blowing and inspiring.  We recognize that we’re talking about a Saturday here and we appreciate that.  But we wouldn’t offer it if we weren’t convinced that it’s worth it.  There will be people from other churches attending as well.  We’d love to see you there.

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