When We All Come Together

Many of the Pastors in Anacortes are coming together once again to plan a community-wide event that will serve to bless our community and commemorate the ten year anniversary of 9/11.  The plan is to have volunteers from many churches rally together and engage in service projects throughout Anacortes.  In this way, we hope to spread the love of Christ using our hands and feet, declaring also that the body of Christ in all its various forms can be united behind one mission and serve together. Our hope is that we can have an impact on our town as we honor and remember the events of 9/11. 

This is not one of ACC’s Service Sundays (for one thing, the projects will be Friday and Saturday).  Rather, this is a community-wide event, and we hope to see as many as possible get on board.

More details will follow, including a list of service projects to sign up for.  Some will require a degree of specialized skill, while others will be free for all.  I’ll post that list as soon as it becomes available.

The plan is to engage in service projects on Friday and Saturday, September 9th and 10th, followed by a community-wide worship service at Causland Park on Sunday afternoon, 3pm, to celebrate Jesus, Unity in Christ, remembering 9/11, and declaring Jesus’ Lordship over our town. 

Mike Rauwolf from ACC will be teaming up with Dick Bugg (Safe Harbor), and other musicians from various churches to lead the worship service.

Everyone is invited! You can make a difference and have an impact on our community in Jesus’ name.  Think of the potential for spreading the love of Christ that a united effort like this might have.  We hope to see you there!

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