Anacortes Christian Church

8:55pm to 10:25pm in the dark. That’s 4.5 miles in one hour and thirty minutes. That’s my record! It’s easier to walk quickly in the dark. Fewer distractions? Not really. Perhaps there are more. You just can’t see them. In the dark, people are merely silhouettes. Also things are spookier in the dark which tends to increase the pace.
The Israelites marched around Jericho in the daylight. I like what light does to darkness. People have faces. Life has color. You see what you feared in the dark. Or, what you feared in the dark runs away lest it gets exposed.
Did you read the headline article in the Anacortes American this week? “District seeing surge in homeless students.” 87 have been identified in Anacortes, 561 identified in Skagit county last year! What family situations have brought this about? What do these students think about in the night? Will their thoughts have any impact on their future marriages, parenting, job skills? At what point does one in their predicament say, “I give up. I’ll never make it, so why try?”
I am seeing giants, but at this point they are merely silhouettes. I must keep walking with my eyes, ears, heart and mind open to the eyes, ears, heart, and mind of God. There are giants in the land that must be taken down.

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