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The following is a touching response to one of the projects our church embarked on this Sunday, in which we were challenged to “preach the sermon” using our hands and feet (hear the latest sermon series at  This was sent by Derald, a member of our church:

A week ago it was announced that we would have just one service this week and the sermon would be played out by teams of volunteers working at various projects in the community. I thought myself to be one of those volunteers, but then I received a call from John Douglas. He informed me that the volunteers would be helping the elderly, among others, and did I have anything for them to do? At 71 I don’t think of myself as elderly, but yes, I could use some help weeding in my yard. Following the service Sunday, I was sitting waiting for a knock on the door when I heard a lawnmower out front. There was John, in his floppy hat, mowing my lawn (my pastor is mowing my lawn?). Elswhere the “Weed Eating Queen” worked cleaning up the rest of the yard – “cleaning up” is a euphemism that does not come close to describing what she did for the yard. Her husband (name withheld to protect the anonymity of the “Weed Eating Queen”) joined us after he had completed a separate task with another team. John hit the nail on the head when he talked about the “Weed Eating Queen’s” tenacity. If I had not insisted that her work was done for the day, she might still be pulling weeds and cleaning out from under the trees and shrubs.
This Sunday’s sermon was played out in my yard and the title of it was “Humility.” I am used to being the helper and I had to pray about accepting the help being offered to me and my wife. I am very glad I did. For me, it was a humbling yet joyful experience. I really do not know how to express my thanks to John, the “Weed Eating Queen,” and her husband for all they accomplished Sunday – in my yard and in my heart. Mil gracias.

In Christ,


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