Signs: Mar 12 – Apr 09, 2017

Technically, the first two sermons at the bottom of this list belonged to the previous series on the life of Abraham, but because of their strong ties to Resurrection, I have included them in this series as well.

The Resurrection of Jesus does not occur in a vacuum. Rather, it is the culminating event to which many Old Testament events were pointing. The Old Testament is full of instances depicting God’s restorative work of rescue and renewal, but in order for one to experience that renewal, he/she/it must pass through death… in some form or another. Some examples:

  • The birth of Seth is a story of God resurrecting the legacy of promise in light of total desolation through Cain (Genesis 4).
  • The flood in Genesis 6-8 is a reversal of creation (death). The desolation of the world is removed, and God restores life.
  • The barrenness of Sarah’s womb illustrates God’s power to bring life from death (see “The Son of Laughter”)
  • “The Akedah,” meaning “The binding” (of Isaac), is an illustration of how Isaac and his father were willing to be bound to certain death,  but because of that resolve, Isaac emerges unbound from death, and eternally bound to God’s promises of life.
  • The Serpents of Exodus 6, the exodus itself, and the “Fiery Serpent” episode depict death being “swallowed up in victory.”
  • Jonah, Daniel, David, Ezekiel, Job, and many more, depict a movement out of desolation to life. Death is satisfied, but through Faith in the resurrecting power of God, life is restored.

Mitchell L. Chase put it well:  “Every deliverance from death, every picture of resurrection, turned up the heat of hope for God to do something about death itself. With each divine rescue—be it of Isaac, Jonah, David, or Daniel—the temperature rose.” The message is clear: “Resurrection is Coming!”

April 09, 2017

Title: “The Sign of A New Heart”
Acts 2:22-39
Mike Rauwolf | 10:00AM


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April 02, 2017

Title: “The Sign of the Pouting Prophet”
Matthew 12:38-41; Jonah 2 & 4
Mike Rauwolf | 10:00AM


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March 26, 2017

Title: “The Fiery Serpents Meet Their Match”
Numbers 21:4-9
Mark Bryant | 10:00AM


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March 19, 2017

Title: “The Akedah”
Genesis 22:1-18
Mike Rauwolf | 10:00AM


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March 12, 2017

Title: “The Son of Laughter”
Genesis 17:15-21; 18:9-15; 21:1-7
Mike Rauwolf | 10:00AM


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