Worship Arts

Our Philosophy

Worshiping God is what we were created to do. Our lives are meant to be as an angled mirror, reflecting God’s image, glory, and purposes upon the world around us and back to Himself. In all that we do, we pray that it would be to His glory alone.

Worship happens when we gather on Sundays, or meet in small groups in peoples’ living rooms, when we pray silently or meditate on God’s Word, when we love and serve one another, when we marvel at the breath-taking beauty of God’s creation, or when we express our own creativity through the arts.

When we gather on Sundays, we worship through prayer and through song, we worship through learning from God’s Word, we worship by coming to God’s table in communion, and we worship as we fellowship with one another.

Worship Arts Ministry

The Worship Arts Ministry is composed of four main components:

Sound Team:

The sound team is responsible for monitoring and mixing audio during our gatherings, as well as setting up and storing gear.
Contact: Mike Rauwolf or Tyler Burch

Presentation Team:

The presentation team is in charge of the visual presentation of graphics, videos, lyrics, and scripture readings via the projection system. The team may also be utilized for overall thematic decoration of the sanctuary as well.
: Mike Rauwolf or Tyler Burch

Music Team:

The music team is composed of musicians who coordinate and lead the musical portion of our worship gatherings. The team is organized into four bands that alternate each week. Some musicians participate on more than one band as well.
Mike Rauwolf, Tyler Burch, or Stacy O’Hagan

…Volunteer Opportunities

We encourage volunteers in the Worship Arts Ministry. If you feel called to serve in one or more of the four areas of this ministry, please CONTACT US. Include the name of the specific person or area of ministry you would like to be directed to in the subject line. You can also reach us at the number listed below. Some applying and/or auditioning may be necessary.

Mike Rauwolf
Office: (360) 293-3729

… Musical Style

We typically do not cater to any particular musical style in worship (as in traditional or contemporary) – this is not what worship is about. Rather, our goal is to join with the ongoing praises that transcend heaven and earth as well as time and space – proclaiming God’s worth. We choose music based on its content, as well as its ability to flow and fit in with the overall journey of the worship gathering. So, what you hear may at times sound “contemporary,” or it may seem a bit more “traditional.” For us, the style is not the point. Whatever music we use in worship, whether old or new, we apply our own creativity as much as we can, so that the result is truly an outpouring that uniquely reflects the praises of our hearts as much as possible. With that said, the style and atmosphere do vary according to our two worship gatherings.