Congregational Affirmation Vote for Church Officers

The nominations committee and the elders have taken congregational input and propose the following slate of officers for the 2021-2022 church year.

NO negative comments on any of the nominees have been received during the 2 weeks of comment period specified in the bylaws.


Per the nomination process, this list of those who have agreed to serve is posted.   


Trustee: 3-year term

Returning:  Lyle Mooney and Colleen Painter


Deacons: 2-year term

Returning: Julie Boyce, Joline Clark, Jeff Lofgren, Steve McLean.  


New: Laurel Bryant, Renee Downie, Gretchen Hanson, Kim Housholder, Rebecca McDonald, and Dolly Mooney  


As a reminder,  Current church officers whose terms did not end in 2021 are:


Elders: Brian Burch, Ed Gegen, Dick Gerlach, Art Kendall, Phil Madden, Ron Pinson, and Kirk Ruddell

Trustees:  Val Boyce

Deacons:  Barb Asseln, Kris Comeau, Anne Kendall, Kathy Lofgren, Bev Martin, Dawn Pittman,

Sue Shaw, Dennis Asseln, Ed Borlin, Tom Carroll, Gayl Glascoe, Nat Hanson, Lyle Mooney and Russ Pittman.