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Lord’s Prayer Devotional, Part 7

Ponder: What does this mean? It can feel a little confusing to pray “Lead us not into temptation.” Why would God lead us into temptation in the first place? Does this mean we can pray that God will make our lives easy?

Read: Exodus 13:17-14:31 Consider the story of the Israelites coming out of Egypt. Why do you think God led His People on this journey in the way he did?

  • Based on what you know about their journey from Egypt to the promised land, what were their biggest obstacles to overcome? What did they learn/not learn in the process?

Read: Exodus 16:3 – Can you relate to God’s people in this story? Even though they’ve seen God at work in their life they keep grumbling and complaining about the way He is leading them. What does this look like in your life currently?

Read: John 16:33, James 1:2-15, 1 Cor. 10:13, 1 Pet. 4:12

Consider: The Bible makes it very clear that temptations, difficulties and times of testing are coming. How do you think God wants you to live in light of this reality? Fearful or peaceful?

  • Praying, “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil,” is surrendering your life to the Father’s leadership and deliverance, and keeping your eyes focused on him rather than the inevitable storms of this life (Matt. 14:22-33).

Spend time talking with God about your own recent journey—temptations, trials and difficulties. Will you surrender to His leading and deliverance today? How will this change you? Enjoy talking about it with your Heavenly Father!

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