Anacortes Christian Church

Our original plan was to move on to new content with the current sermon series. However, we’re recognizing that the last two Sundays have been an eye-opening crash-course in new territory for many people. We’d like to spend a little more time following up with the implications for our day-to-day lives.

With that being said, we’d like to hear from you. Has the content from the last two Sundays raised any questions for you? We’d like to hear them. Also if the content has impacted your worldview or life in any way, would you care to share it with us? Your name will not be used from the pulpit, but chances are if you have a question about something you heard, others are likely thinking the same thing. We won’t guarantee that each question will be addressed, but we’d love to hear them regardless.

Use the form below to submit questions/comments. They will go straight to Mike’s email and not be read by anyone outside our Catalyst team unless anonymously shared on Sunday. Please keep them brief (if possible!). God bless!

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