Anacortes Christian Church

Series: Genesis
Genesis 2:4-17

Mike Rauwolf | October 23, 2016, 10:00AM


Key Points:

  • Freedom = True dwelling + True calling.
  • Our Calling = Have dominion over and rule the creation.
  • Dominion and Rule = Cultivating, keeping (gardening).
  • Cultivating and Keeping implies Service and submission.
  • True dominion = Service and submission = True freedom.

Discussion Questions:

  1. God creates man and immediately invites him into his own dwelling place (garden) to live with Him. Take a few moments and just consider the implications. You and I were made to be with God.  What does that tell you about God?
  2. Our calling is to have dominion and rule over the creation. But what does this look like? (HINT: Think cultivate and keep, gardening as true worship and obedience).
  3. Mike said “In order to exercise dominion over the garden, the irony is, we have to serve it and submit to it.” What does he mean, and why is that the case?
  4. How does God exercise His dominion over us?
  5. What are the garden spaces God has placed you in? What relationships are in those spaces?  How is He calling you to have dominion – cultivating through service and submission – in those spaces, as Christ has modeled for you?

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