Anacortes Christian Church

Series: “Effective” Church
1 Corinthians 12:12-27

Mike Rauwolf | September 18, 2016, 10:00AM


Questions for Discussion

  1. Everyone views their identity through the lens of their culture, and every culture has unique, distinctive traits and values. In your current cultural setting, do you feel like it is easy or difficult to view your identity as part of a body? Why or why not?
  2. How can we re-orient the way we think so as to regard ourselves as “body parts?”
  3. “If the ear should say ‘because I’m not an eye, I don’t belong to the body,’ that would not make it any less a part of the body.” Do you ever feel like that ear?  Discuss.
  4. Paul says “we bestow even greater honor upon the parts that lacked it.” What are some practical ways in which we can honor those parts of the body that don’t seem as significant?
  5. The body of Christ is interdependent. Are you more inclined to “go it alone,” or depend on others in the body?  How can we let down our guard and allow the body to be the body?

Spend some time in prayer over these concepts.

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