Anacortes Christian Church

Praying the Armor of God bookPeople are coming and going during the Summer, and it’s often hard to get groups together for projects or studies, but books can go anywhere we go. Pastor John Douglas is issuing a Summer reading challenge, and recommends Praying the Armor of God by Rick Stedman.  The book offers helpful tools and insights especially for those of us who don’t particularly know where to start when it comes to prayer. If you are looking to deepen your prayer life, this is one great way to do it. The most amazing thing about prayer is watching how God changes us when we get excited about it.

On June 28th, John will encourage you to start following a ten week prayer journey that is outlined on pages 67-71 of the book. So if time is short between now and then, you can actually start with those pages and then fill in the rest as you get time.

If you are willing to take the challenge, we’d love to hear from you, and at the end of the ten weeks, share any stories or testimonies you might have.

God bless!

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