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(NOTE:  This article is adapted from our newsletter. Some names have been left out  – it’s cyberspace, we don’t want to take any chances. The above video was shown in church to give a taste of what Ron Pinson, one of our elders, and a retired maxillofacial surgeon, will be doing aboard a Mercy Ship in Africa. As part of his journey, he will have the opportunity to bring goods to missionaries we support there.  So here is a list of things you can help with).

As a congregation we have the opportunity to send items of love to our missionaries when Ron Pinson goes to the Mercy Ship Africa as a volunteer surgeon. He will be checking one or two bags that can carry items for the two families we support there. The congregation needs to remember that he is taking bags with 50 lb limits including the toilet seats – as opposed to a shipping container. So we are looking at a love offering of a few items –  not 55 gallon drums of Costco peanut butter. If a person wants to give money there are two ways:

  1. For any items that the missionaries order online you can donate as designated giving to the missions committee – like for toilet seats and computer items.
  2. Small cash donations can be given through the office or designated giving to pick up small items like M & Ms to fill space in suitcases.

For Family 1 (stop in and grab our newsletter for “who’s who”):

  • dried apples
  • dried peaches (no tropical fruit please)
  • nuts
  • one or two packages of gallon sized Ziplock bags
  • bottle of allergy medicine
  • Johnny’s Seasoning Salt
  • M & M candy
  • Cards or notes of encouragement to both families.

Also, if you would like to donate money (checks made out to “designated Missions”), the monies will go towards 3 toilet seats that are needed.

For Family 2:

  • Compound W wart remover
  • VCR head cleaners
  • VCR cleaning tape– dry (wet ones don’t work with our machine) — Maxell preferred or other name brand
  • computer power cord
  • Granola bars–2 boxes
  • Beef jerky/ pepperoni sticks
  • dried fruit–2 small pkgs
  • Cloth diapers– 2 pkgs (for another missionary family who is desperate)
  • NIV Bible to leave with Karanmo (he has a paperback one that won’t last long)
  • Young men’s Soccer cleats — sizes 8-1/2, 9-1/2
  • USB DVD drive for laptop
  • Nerf gun darts, refill pack

For any questions – Contact Ron Pinson.

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