Anacortes Christian Church

Isaiah 5:8
Woe to you who add house to house
and join field to field
till no space is left
and you live alone in the land.

This is the start of many “woes” the prophet Isaiah delivers to the strong, prosperous tribe of Judah. There are many harsh judgments God asks Isaiah to deliver to Judah, the above verse being one of them. Isaiah was to tell his people that focus on adding houses to their houses and fields to their fields lead to loneliness. Really? Can things and stuff, even really good things and stuff, make me lonely?
We’ve been here before. Last year’s “Simple Summer” seems to have little effect on my summer this year. I don’t know about you, but when I try to offer a rebuttal, my garage, my office, my calendar, my “To Do” list all witness against me.
One of the things I took away from my time with God (Isaiah 5-7) this morning was, more space is left for family, for fellowship, for community, for God when I deliberately manage my “things and stuff” in light of their impact on my relationships. Relationships first!!! Let God be the first of the first!

– John Douglas

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